libmpd-playlist.h File Reference

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long long mpd_playlist_get_playlist_id (MpdObj *mi)
long long mpd_playlist_get_old_playlist_id (MpdObj *mi)
mpd_Songmpd_playlist_get_song (MpdObj *mi, int songid)
mpd_Songmpd_playlist_get_song_from_pos (MpdObj *mi, int songpos)
MpdDatampd_playlist_get_song_from_pos_range (MpdObj *mi, int start, int stop)
mpd_Songmpd_playlist_get_current_song (MpdObj *mi)
int mpd_playlist_clear (MpdObj *mi)
int mpd_playlist_shuffle (MpdObj *mi)
int mpd_playlist_move_pos (MpdObj *mi, int old_pos, int new_pos)
int mpd_playlist_move_id (MpdObj *mi, int old_id, int new_id)
MpdDatampd_playlist_get_changes (MpdObj *mi, int old_playlist_id)
MpdDatampd_playlist_get_changes_posid (MpdObj *mi, int old_playlist_id)
int mpd_playlist_get_playlist_length (MpdObj *mi)
int mpd_playlist_add (MpdObj *mi, const char *path)
int mpd_playlist_delete_id (MpdObj *mi, int songid)
int mpd_playlist_delete_pos (MpdObj *mi, int songpos)
int mpd_playlist_add_get_id (MpdObj *mi, const char *path)
int mpd_playlist_queue_add (MpdObj *mi, const char *path)
int mpd_playlist_queue_load (MpdObj *mi, const char *path)
int mpd_playlist_queue_delete_id (MpdObj *mi, int id)
int mpd_playlist_queue_delete_pos (MpdObj *mi, int songpos)
int mpd_playlist_queue_commit (MpdObj *mi)
void mpd_playlist_search_start (MpdObj *mi, int exact)
MpdDatampd_playlist_search_commit (MpdObj *mi)
void mpd_playlist_search_add_constraint (MpdObj *mi, mpd_TagItems field, const char *value)
int mpd_playlist_mpd_queue_add (MpdObj *mi, int songid)
int mpd_playlist_mpd_queue_remove (MpdObj *mi, int songpos)

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