libmpd-database.h File Reference

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typedef mpd_SearchStats MpdDBStats
 A Structure containing numberOfSongs and playTime.


MpdDatampd_database_get_albums (MpdObj *mi, const char *artist)
MpdDatampd_database_get_artists (MpdObj *mi)
MpdDatampd_database_get_complete (MpdObj *mi)
int mpd_database_update_dir (MpdObj *mi, const char *path)
MpdDatampd_database_find (MpdObj *mi, int table, const char *string, int exact)
MpdDatampd_database_get_directory (MpdObj *mi, const char *path)
MpdDatampd_database_get_directory_recursive (MpdObj *mi, const char *path)
mpd_Songmpd_database_get_fileinfo (MpdObj *mi, const char *path)
void mpd_database_search_add_constraint (MpdObj *mi, mpd_TagItems field, const char *value)
void mpd_database_search_start (MpdObj *mi, int exact)
void mpd_database_search_field_start (MpdObj *mi, mpd_TagItems field)
MpdDatampd_database_search_commit (MpdObj *mi)
void mpd_database_search_stats_start (MpdObj *mi)
MpdDBStatsmpd_database_search_stats_commit (MpdObj *mi)
void mpd_database_search_free_stats (MpdDBStats *data)
int mpd_database_delete_playlist (MpdObj *mi, const char *path)
int mpd_database_save_playlist (MpdObj *mi, const char *name)
MpdDatampd_database_get_playlist_content (MpdObj *mi, const char *playlist)
void mpd_database_playlist_list_add (MpdObj *mi, const char *path, const char *file)
void mpd_database_playlist_list_delete (MpdObj *mi, const char *path, int pos)
void mpd_database_playlist_clear (MpdObj *mi, const char *path)
void mpd_database_playlist_rename (MpdObj *mi, const char *old_name, const char *new_name)
int mpd_database_playlist_move (MpdObj *mi, const char *playlist, int old_pos, int new_pos)
MpdDatampd_database_playlist_list (MpdObj *mi)

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