Playlist Search


void mpd_playlist_search_start (MpdObj *mi, int exact)
MpdDatampd_playlist_search_commit (MpdObj *mi)
void mpd_playlist_search_add_constraint (MpdObj *mi, mpd_TagItems field, const char *value)

Detailed Description

Allow server side search of the current playlist.

Function Documentation

void mpd_playlist_search_add_constraint ( MpdObj mi,
mpd_TagItems  field,
const char *  value 

mi A MpdObj
field A mpd_TagItems
value a string to match the field against
Adds a constraint to the playlist search.

MpdData* mpd_playlist_search_commit ( MpdObj mi  ) 

mi a MpdObj
Executes the playlist search. This needs to be started with mpd_playlist_search_start

a MpdData list

void mpd_playlist_search_start ( MpdObj mi,
int  exact 

mi a MpdObj
exact if TRUE only return exact matches
Starts a playlist search. Add constraints using mpd_playlist_search_add_constraint And execute the search with mpd_playlist_search_commit

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