Database Search Statistics


typedef mpd_SearchStats MpdDBStats
 A Structure containing numberOfSongs and playTime.


void mpd_database_search_stats_start (MpdObj *mi)
MpdDBStatsmpd_database_search_stats_commit (MpdObj *mi)
void mpd_database_search_free_stats (MpdDBStats *data)

Detailed Description

A extension to the database search, that instead of returning the full results. Only reports back a few statistics about the result. For now Number of Songs are reported and total playtime.

Typedef Documentation

typedef mpd_SearchStat MpdDBStats

A Structure containing numberOfSongs and playTime.

see mpd_SearchStats

Definition at line 207 of file libmpd-database.h.

Function Documentation

void mpd_database_search_free_stats ( MpdDBStats data  ) 

data a MpdDBStats
frees the MpdDBStats structure.

MpdDBStats* mpd_database_search_stats_commit ( MpdObj mi  ) 

mi A MpdObj
Gets statistics results of a search.

a MpdDBStats

void mpd_database_search_stats_start ( MpdObj mi  ) 

mi A MpdObj
Starts a search, you can add constraints by calling mpd_database_search_add_constraint. To get the result call mpd_database_search_stats_commit

This function requires mpd 0.13.0 or higher

Copyright 2006 Qball Cow